Curriculum Vitae


  • “Da Kine Sound: Conversations With the People Who Create Hawaiian Music” (with Robert Kamohalu Kasher)
  • “Remembrance — The Media Guide to the Attack on Pearl Harbor”
  • “Chicken Soup from the Soul of Hawaii” Writer.
  • “Advance Force — Pearl Harbor: The Imperial Navy’s Underwater Assault on America”
  • “Coverama — The Collectors Guide to Antique Hawaiian Milk Covers” (with DeSoto Brown)
  • “Black Ocean” (as Rick Blaine)
  • “USS Arizona — Dec. 7, 1941″
  • “I’ll Fly to Hawaii”


  • “War and Remembrance Episode 7″ ABC Circle, 1988
  • “Decisive Weapons — Wings Over The Ocean” BBC, 1997
  • “Death of the Arizona” Discovery, 2001
  • “Hollywood Backstory: Tora! Tora! Tora!” AMC, 2001
  • “War Stories With Oliver North — Attack Of The Japanese Midget Subs!” FOXNews, 2002
  • “Deep Sea Detectives — Japanese Submarine in Pearl Harbor” History, 2003
  • “Silent Service — Japanese Submarines” History International, 2003
  • “Unsolved History — Myths of Pearl Harbor” Discovery, 2003
  • “War Stories With Oliver North — Friends And Enemies: Japanese Americans During World War II” FOXNews, 2005
  • “Modern Marvels — Deep Sea Salvage” History, 2007
  • “NOVA — Killer Subs in Pearl Harbor” PBS, 2010
  • “Pacific Secrets — Pearl Harbor” Discovery, 2010
  • “Toutes Les Teles Du Monde” ARTE, 2010
  • “Ghost Hunters” SyFy, 2011
  • Various Japanese documentaries


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  1. If this is the Burl Burlingame who reviewed the “egg” P-40 on Hyperscale…good article.

    I disagree though as I thought the egg-40 is much cooler.

    Best regards,


  2. Dana Hankins says:

    Burl – Pls forward your email address; I have an author friend looking for a WWII in the Pacific historian and would like to refer him to you.

  3. Kris Ingram says:

    Dear Mr. Burlingame,
    I’m the photo researcher for the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and we’d like to use one of the photos you took while you were here at the Aquarium:

    Do you happen to know the child in the foreground? Please feel free to e-mail me. Thanks. -Kris Ingram

  4. Burl says:

    Alas, no, this was a grab shot and the kid moved on quickly!

  5. I thought you might like to see this latest film collaboration. This specific raw film footage came from an old classmate, Marshall Brown of Kailua. These rare shots were taken by his father back in the late fifties. I wonder how many of your readers remember the old Kahuku Road Races… maybe the drag racing on the old airstrip? Enjoy!

  6. Victor Marsillo says:

    Hi, Burl. I’m trying to track down a copy of a comic book that I think you may have contributed to back in 1972 by the name of Kui Ka Lono Comix. Does that ring any bells? Have any copies survived, by any chance?

  7. Gordo says:

    Whats up with “This Damn Navy”?
    You OK?

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