Nothing Like a Tree

Written by Burl on May 21st, 2009
Nothing Like a Tree…

Nothing Like a Tree…

Here’s some background.


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  1. Did you look at a chain saw while you drew this or did you do it from memory?

  2. gigi-hawaii says:

    haha. Doesn’t look like my hubby’s chain saw. The local paper states that the trees were diseased and that’s why they were removed. Makes sense to me!

  3. Primo Kimo says:

    It makes sense… IF… that was the reason. Don’t assume they are telling the truth.
    Kailua _Town is slowly changing and not for the better. I heard of a quote in the paper. One of these newbies that moved there from mainland usa said “You will NOT prevent us from changing Kailua Town into the resort community we want it to be!”

  4. damon says:

    Love your site… adding you to my blogroll now!


  5. Primo Kimo says:

    Love your mayonnaise. Adding it to my blogroll now too.

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