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Written by Burl on May 16th, 2009

Waikiki Theater artifacts

Whilst at dinner with friends in Waikiki, I noticed that the east wall of the old Waikiki #3 Theater is decorated with giant poster reproductions of famous movies shot in Hawaii. Considering that this grand old theater really doesn’t exist any more, that’s just piling insult upon injury. With movie palaces gone, public viewing of films is no longer a special communal activity.

Also note the giant crowds in Waikiki these days.


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  1. Primo Kimo says:

    I noticed that irony a few months ago, when, after i saw the decimation of Trader Vic’s building there, walked around looking at the awful changes. Soul-less changes. Movie posters of old classic south seas cinema. on buildings that replaced the old south seas restaurants and decor along Kalakaua and Waikiki theatre, (down a few blocks) and was reminded of housing developments labelled “Oak Meadows”… or “Palm Grove”… which of course paved over oak meadows and palm groves.

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