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Written by Burl on October 26th, 2010

I didn’t totally goof off whilst I was out of town. I revamped and colorized one of my comix stories from some time ago, and I’m making it available as a high-rez PDF file, right here. Just click on the image above for the download. It’s a meditation on the nature of sentience, evolution and religion. There’s plenty of subtle references throughout. And WARNING — it contains a little female nudity, which in retrospect looks like peculiarly 1970s nekkidness. Much of the text is taken from a poetry fragment by my pal Homily Dingle, who, upon reading my interpretation, said it was not what he had in mind at all, which is pretty funny. More to the point, I’m fond of this particular story because it was the first printed appearance of my best-known character, The Dead Spaceman.


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  1. Mutt says:

    While that downloads, I’ll just make this quick comment: The image above looks like a woman being attack by spermatozoa. Kind of reminds me of myself in the ’80s.

  2. gigi-hawaii says:

    Eh, Burl, the nudity didn’t bother me. In fact, I wish I had her figure.

    As for the prose, the meaning escaped me. WHAT DOES IT MEAN??? Too cryptic for my innocent mind!

  3. Mutt says:

    Burl, why do the women you draw always look like they’re lying on their backs? If you know what I mean. (Boobies!)

  4. Hattie says:

    I got this bounced back because the comment was too short. So:
    LOL LOL and LOL

  5. Burl says:

    Mutt will have to send me a photograph illustrating what she’s going on about.

  6. Burl says:

    Mutt says the woman’s breasts are too far apart. Essentially, there’s a lack of cleavage. Well, yes. I looked at pictures of bushmen and aborigines to get some clue of body language when researching this piece, and the native womens’ breasts (in general) are a bit splayed. It’s a no-bra society.

  7. Mutt says:

    Burl, aboriginal/bush women don’t have splayed breasts unless they’re running away from something and their boobs are blowing back. (OK, that’s ridiculous, sorry.) Gravity doesn’t go sideways. They have breasts like anyone else that eventually get droopy. I have an Anthro degree too, ya know. :-)

    I think you’re expressing a subconscious desire to be with a naked woman who’s on her back. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. Just don’t tell Mary.

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