Friday Funnies: Osama Claus

Written by Burl on August 20th, 2010

I guess I don’t have to explain that this newspaper cartoon ran several years ago.


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  1. PrimoKimo says:

    his look of confusion and incredulity is commensurate with the command:
    wot?! slide down the INside or the OUT side of the chimney?!
    And how does one actually slide down a chimney: “nice and easy”!?
    I mean it seems like a rough task. bricks… cement… soot… Jeeez….

  2. Mutt says:

    Um … is that my signature beneath yours?

  3. PrimoKimo says:

    It is if yer name is Komdy

  4. Burl says:

    I think it is. Have I known you that long?

  5. Mutt says:

    You’ve known me for 12 years. Mary and I ran that in the editorial section just a few years ago, remember? Well, probably in 2002.

    I think I came up with part of the idea for it and you told me to sign under your name. I’d forgotten all about it.

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