Friday Funnies: Out of Time’s Abyss

Written by Burl on August 13th, 2010

It will be interesting to see how this reproduces. We old-timey comic artists often used something called chemical board to add tone. It essentially was two kinds of film developer painted onto the paper that “developed” shading in two different angles. Cool stuff, but you needed a pretty clean drawing, and the stuff got weird over the years.
Anyway, this is a splash page for the last volume in the Edgar Rice Burroughs’ trilogy “The Land That Time Forgot.” This is the best book of the series, full of spooky creatures and daunting escapes. Click two times for bigger.


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  1. gigi-hawaii says:

    Wow! Look at the biceps on the girl. They rival mine. LOL.

  2. Hattie says:

    Gosh. For a minute there I thought I was in Puna!

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