Ian’s video of Star-Bulletin’s fight to survive

Written by Burl on July 26th, 2010

Ian Lind found this video he made of impressions of the extraordinary efforts made to save the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, which gave the newspaper an extra decade of life whilst papers across the nation were folding. This is still too close to my heart to comment openly about recent events. But basically, the Star-Bulletin as we knew it is dead. The Honolulu Advertiser is dead as well. What’s left is a completely different product crewed by the survivors, and it should not be compared to what once was. The Star-Advertiser is what we’ve got, so, no whining.


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  1. Primo Kimo says:

    I knew you would pop this up!
    “Burl has ben tagged in a video…”

  2. Vicki Viotti says:

    I agree that both papers as we knew them are gone, but I’m not sure why this has surprised anyone. Doesn’t that necessarily follow in a merger? You get a different animal.

  3. gigi-hawaii says:

    I really like the Star-Advertiser! I hope it succeeds. But, I wonder why the MidWeek seems to have much fewer ads. Is it redundant?

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