Bulbing out?

Written by Burl on January 30th, 2005

In response to the “bulb-out” item below, reader Dan sends in a comment:

Another thing I noticed in the area in question (on Punchbowl in front of the DOT) is that when they re-did the sidewalk, they failed to make it wheelchair accessible. So, someone in a wheelchair, using the crosswalk to cross in the middle of the street would have to either climb the curb or go around the bulb (and its tree) to the driveway makai of the crosswalk. My questions is, why wasn’t it made accessible since they had to re-do it anyway? Are there different rules for crosswalks in the middle of the street (as opposed to those at intersections)?

Urban and government planners should all be required to spend a day in a wheelchair.


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