Progress of sorts

Written by Burl on January 26th, 2005

See, things are progressing slightly in the home-repair front. That’s daughter Katie painting primer on a new walk-in closet by the front door. This is an area where the ceiling collapsed from rain and windstorms. This “closet” is way overbuilt: studs are 12 inches, corners are 6X6s and each wall and the ceiling has a double layer of sheetrock (that’s two inches of sheetrock on the outside!) and all the corners are bullnosed so there are no sharp edges. It’s like a bunker. Why? It doubles as a safe room when (not if) we get hit by the next hurricane.

This is something called a bulb-out being added to Honolulu streets. It eats up a parking space, but adds a measure of safety and pleasantness when the trees inside get bigger. What I don’t understand is why bulb-outs are placed next to fire hydrants rather than incorporating them. The sapling trunk is NOT going to impede a fireman’s access to the hydrant, get real! In fact, the bulb-out guarantees access. Why not include the hydrant in the bulb-out instead of eating up two parking spaces? Simplifying the clutter of the urban infrastructure is also a way in making the city more pleasant to live in.

And here’s something that’s way cool, a Quicktime strip of Huygens’ descent onto Titan. Gave me chills.


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