Paved with good intentions

Written by Burl on January 12th, 2005

Oh, quit yer bitchin’ about the potholes on Hawaii’s roads. I was forwarded this snapshot from Iraq, where they work on runways at night and then don’t tell our aircrews the runway isn’t as smooth as it could be. This C-130 on final from the US set down in central Iraq on the night of Dec. 29 and got a bumpy surprise. See that accordioned pile at the other end? That’s the belly skin of the plane. Yes, totalled airframe, injuries, fire, loss of cargo, loss of ground equipment … and a head or two will roll.

Geez, I’m sore. Spent the last couple of days slamming up some drywall. The area near the kitchen was water damaged last year in lightning and windstorms, so I’m using the repair opportunity to expand a tiny closet into a very large one — about 7 by 8 — with studs placed every 12 inches and a double layer of sheetrock on all surfaces. Why the overkill? It will double as a hurricane safe room.

One of Ian’s readers last week thought I was being too Pollyanna about the shuttering of the Gannett Advertiser’s PM edition., that the window opened will suck up all job-printing in the state. Alas, the new, more efficient press in Kapolei disposed of printing the Tiser PM in an hour or less, so the jobwork window isn’t very large. Those most affected over there are employees NOT involved in the printing — the editors and writers whose schedules are being jacked around with a week’s notice, and the distribution folks who are no longer needed.

HOW TO MAKE ME FEEL LIKE AN IDIOT DEPT: Last week, we were kibitzing about the Gannett Advertiser PM shutdown, and I was intrigued by Mike Fisch’s statement that approximately 100 subscribers pay for both the morning and the evening Advertiser. I wondered aloud what kind of moron would do that. My wife piped up and said, we do, at the Star-Bulletin. And likely every media outlet, PR agency and advertising firm in the state did so. OK, mea freakin’ culpa.


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