Looking Back

Written by Burl on January 7th, 2005

After lunch with one old high school friend and dinner with another — where I learned my senior year girlfriend is apparently doing an 18-month stretch for federal securities fraud!! — I tumbled asleep and dreamed of being at some sort of party where I chatted with Dave Donnelly, and realized in the middle of the conversation that he wasn’t supposed to be there. He died, almost exactly a year ago. I just missed folks, he shrugged.
Dave was not replaced at the newspaper. In the way that strapped companies do, the work was spread around to the survivors. Neither paper has a full-time three-dotter, and that’s a shame, because these columns provide a vital service — they’re the catch-all for news items that don’t justify a full story, but are of interest to readers, and they reflect the times better than most of the “serious” newspaper stories.


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