Sick, sick, sick

Written by Burl on January 5th, 2005

I’ve got it. Many other people have it. I thought it was a bad flu, which I contracted in February — yep, no flu shot this year — but I toughed it out, and it went away, except for a nagging dry cough that sometimes was so severe it would awaken me. Then a relapse. The doctor put me on a course of heavy antibiotics, which took ten days. Feeling better — but the damn cough won’t go away. The medical procedure I had last week didn’t help. So back again to, the doc, who now has me on even bigger antibiotics and steroids. What IS this? My doc says it’s a hardy, pernicious bronchitis with a deep-rooted infection, and that “everyone” is getting it. Our drummer, Gene, is convinced it’s whooping cough. How come we don’t get over this like when we were kids? he wondered. Because viral diseases evolve too, and the antibiotics that don’t kill them make them stronger.


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