Let’s get back posting!

Written by Burl on October 8th, 2013

This is a snapshot taken of the Ops Building tower. Click on it to get a full-size image.


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  1. Richard Schmidt says:

    What a great surprise to find you may be posting again. I’ve checked your site semi-reguarly for months and have missed your posts and photos! At my home we also miss very much (and I mean VERY much) your “Book ‘Em” blog, since you retired, way over a year ago, from the SA (just doesn’t seem right to type those letters after the historic SB was neutered.) As we watch each & every new 5-0 show, we say, “Too bad there’s no Book ‘Em tomorrow; Burl would have a great line about that!” Welcome back to your blog, hope you’ll have frequent posts. Richard Schmidt, Sacramento CA

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