CellPhoto: Rainbow over my workplace

Written by Burl on November 23rd, 2012


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  1. Dom Takis says:

    Aloha Mr Burlingame,
    I have been researching the Old Pali Rd and Morgan’s Corner and came across some older articles of yours. I also stumbled upon the tragic story of the Bustamante murder back in the 70′s and was moved to write a poem about it. It is titled “Cracked Seed” and is the most recent entry on the website above. I thought you might be interested in reading it. To your knowledge has anyone written extensively about this story? Thank you for your time.
    Dom Takis

  2. Brad Warthen says:

    Man, I am so envious that you get to work there!

    Here’s the view from my office: http://bradwarthen.com/?p=11858

  3. Burl says:

    Don’t know, Dom.

    Brad, any window in a workplace is a blessing.

  4. vonmerpf says:

    Nice photo Burl. And you’re right, any window is a blessing. I’m in an inside office surrounded by computer equipment. Makes me feel like I should put myself into the inventory tracking system.

    Human IT Technician. Model: MFM43. SN# 564-**-****. Manufactured in USA, 1968. Some slight wear and tear, still functional.

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