CellPhoto: Dude’s going down, big-time

Written by Burl on October 15th, 2012

OK, Felix Baumgartner hit more than 800 mph as he fell from near-space. But it wasn’t 186,000 miles per second. I’m pretty sure.


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  1. Kimo says:

    Hey, Burl – used to send things to you occasionally at the Star Advertiser email.
    Got an alternative? Can reply via mine, which I assume you can see . . .?

  2. vonmerpf says:

    Typical liberal mass media bias!*

    * Note – this comment may contain sarcasm.

  3. Brad Warthen says:

    How do you know? Maybe he traveled into the future, and we haven’t heard about it yet.

  4. Katharine says:

    This happened over a month ago. Time to re post.

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