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Written by Burl on August 29th, 2011

I spent most of Sunday — a horrible day to work outside, as it was either broiling hot or pouring rain, usually at the same time — filling a hole in the lanai. I had jackhammered up the concrete a while ago to root out an African tulip tree system, then neatened off the the edge. The repair doesn’t have to look pretty, because down the line this area will get a leveling pour to lay tile. But the hole in the cement had to go.

The top picture shows the hole after I’d tromped down the weeping gravel bed and then tossed in some clean bits of concrete rubble as filler. The edges of the hole had been blasted by a pressure washer to get rid of dirt. After this picture was taken, I put down some rebar and steel matting to give the new slab some backbone. The hole is about six inches deep, pretty deep for a lanai slab. Luckily it’s not load-bearing.

The next picture is what I wound up with. I picked up six 60-lb bags of Quikcrete — this pour was too small to justify a mixer — mixed and poured each one, and then estimated I needed two more bags, which I got quickly and poured. It’s deliberately uneven, so the final layer will have something to bite into, and a bit less than an inch from the top edge. This pour needs to settle a bit, at least a week. I’ll finish it off next week with a sand-mix cement, smoothed with a concrete float. Any rough edges, I’ll just take it down with a grinder. Like I said, it don’t have to be pretty, just solid.


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  1. Katharine says:

    You put a body in there, didn’t you?

  2. Burl says:


  3. gigi-hawaii says:

    Looks good. Love Quikcrete, which is a great invention.

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