Travelling Shoes: Cameron’s Pub

Written by Burl on May 12th, 2009

Cameron's Pub and Inn

This is my usual hang whenever in Half Moon Bay. It’s friendly, cozy, has something like a hundred beer selections plus perfectly adequate food of the pub-fried genre. The building is supposedly historic and has a “notorious” past, but owner Cameron Palmer is a little cadgy on that. It also has three bedrooms upstairs if you’re an overnighter, a dog-friendly zone, two red double-decker busses — one devoted to video games and the other to smoking — and occasional live music and karaoke. It’s comfortable and fun, and has the feel of an English neighborhood pub where citizens can let their hair down. Here’s their rather slick Web commercial.


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  1. Cameron emailed me and said he was going to mail me additional information about his pub. I’ll send it along when I get it. I’m curious what he’s going to send.

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