Another One Done — T-38 Amphibious

Written by Burl on May 25th, 2010


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  1. Primo Kimo says:

    guy on the left;
    ok chucky, watch this. we’re in a tri x photo now right? watch what happens when I adjust our color in this new ipad I got.
    whee. kodachrome, send me home!

  2. Primo Kimo says:

    guy on the right:
    yea well lissen up Freckles, I don’t care. Now stop swinging yer feet like a kid or our own Russian troops will be takin’ potshots at us!

  3. Mutt says:

    Guy on right: “But this color is so good with my skin tone! And this bottomless pocket makes those dreary moments between skirmishes pass much more quickly.”
    Guy on left: “I’m sorry, sir, but we can’t fit through the hatch unless we take off these huge, bulky overcoats.”

  4. Primo Kimo says:

    guy on right.:
    that’s cuz you are playing pocket billiards too, when you are trying to get in the tank!

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