I been illin’

Written by Burl on May 4th, 2010

Checking back in for a moment. I’ve been laid low by stomach flu since last Thursday. The kind that twists out your innards and gives you stabbing headaches, and about all you can do is sleep because you keep passing out. Or you lie there and think about doing something radical, like turning over, and before you can make a decision, the whole day has passed.

But one of my self-rules on this blog is, No Whining. I’m explainin’, not complainin’. Updates will resume shortly. Including an exciting Hawaiian Electric update.

But what got me typing right now is this ridiculous statement I just heard this Nevada politician say. Sick as I was, I sat up at yelled at the TV screen. A candidate for the senate, Sue Lowden, the former TV personality who suggested that you barter with your doctor with chickens, had her campaign manager Robert Uithoven amplify her position on government-aided health care, and this fell out of his mouth:

Americans already have health care. If I have a bullet hole in my chest, I can go down to UMC and I’m gonna get health care.

UMC, I discovered, is the only public medical facility in Las Vegas. Perhaps the facility could remove the debris from his brain. Fixing bullet holes is emergency care, not health care. Lowden’s crowd is always mixing them up, and they do it on purpose to cloud the issue. No, “health care” is for stuff like what I have, stomach flu, straight-forward basic care on average, everyday illnesses, a program that allows me to see a doctor for something simple without going bankrupt, to buy medicine without being gouged, the assurance that I can take a couple of days off from work without fear.

It’s the simple things that are killing Americans without access to affordable health care. Even things as simple as being tested for diabetes are beyond the reach of millions of Americans.

But then, if an American passes out from diabetic shock, then they can get emergency care in the trauma room at taxpayer expense. That’s Lowden’s idea of health care.

In many states, periodic safety checks are required for your car. You’d think elected representatives would give the same consideration to the health status of their citizens.


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  1. gigi-hawaii says:

    You wrote something, so it looks like you are on the mend. Hope you feel better.

    I am happy Obama’s health care bill is now law, but you know, it will have little effect on David and me at this time. We have company-paid health insurance for HMO care at Straub Clinic. It costs us just $15 co-payment per doctor’s visit. And drugs cost $5 for generic and $20 for brand name. We also have coverage for dental and eye care visits. It’s great!

  2. Katharine says:

    I’m sorry you’re so sick! Get better soon!!

  3. Primo Kimo says:

    i sure hope that ain’t an everyday illness!

  4. Rachel Chesser says:

    Sorry to hear you continue to “ill,” Burl. Mend soon, old pal!

    I think bone heads, like Uihoven and Lowden should be required to receive ALL their medical care at a public hospital E.R., for say … one year, and then get back to us with their feelings on healthcare.

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