Sarah Palin’s Vacation Snapshot

Written by Burl on December 18th, 2009
Sarah Palin's Vacation Snapshot

Sarah Palin's Vacation Snapshot


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  1. gigi-hawaii says:

    yeah, I saw her photo in the S-B. Too bad she couldn’t go incognito and had to cut her vacation short.

  2. mutt says:

    Too bad she’s an attention whore with no intention of or desire to “go incognito,” or she wouldn’t have pulled such an obvious stunt. What’s a new visor cost, six bucks? “The media’s persecuting me! Waaaah!”

    And her husband can go to hell for wearing such a rude T-shirt in a family environment. Jerk. Good-looking, though, so that’s something.

  3. Katharine Weber says:

    I think she should have not just crossed out McCain’s name but put in “Tiger Woods” just to stir things up.

  4. mutt says:

    Sorry, Gigi, I didn’t mean that to sound like an attack on you! I’m just so disgusted by the national GOP lately. Liars, thieves and hypocrites, the lot of them.

  5. gigi-hawaii says:

    Ha! Anyone who is blogging at 2:19 in the morning can’t be all that bad! No offense taken, Mutt. I know what you meant.

  6. Primo Kimo says:

    good cartoon. Burl they should pop those into da pepah!

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