One More Round

Written by Burl on December 10th, 2009

One more round

One more round

This week’s round-up of public OVUII postings on the Honolulu Police Department’s Web site didn’t show anybody having a good time. In fact, they all looked pretty bummed. So I selected mugshots of those who looked, well, a bit out-of-it.
The debate goes on whether posting these is appropriate for the HPD. (When I repeat them, after a few days the images will be thumbnailed.) After all, the names and addresses of those arrested have been public for years. The only point is public humiliation of those arrested, but does that help the public? Post pictures of perps we have to watch out for, like shoplifters.


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  1. Primo Kimo says:

    let’s see a blowup of that tatt face. I think I wanna get that too.

  2. Primo Kimo says:

    they all look like they are coming down from a coke or meth binge.

  3. John Martini says:

    Mr. Tatt Face should be put into a cell with an ill-tempered Maori gentlemen so they can discuss intercultural sensitivity.

  4. Primo Kimo says:

    Maori have no lock on facial tatts. But any Maori will become the aforementioned ill-tempered Maori if pakeha (white boy’s) facial ink is Ta Moko. DUI dude’s tatts look like kirituhi.

  5. Kimo808 says:

    Doing a count for each week through the first couple/three weeks – note that there was a decline in the number of arrests for the week posted Wednesday Dec 9.
    Over-analyzing, maybe, but according to the dates of the arrests, I believe this is the first week of arrestees who could have seen the first week’s posted mugs.
    Probably unlikely that they would have checked out this HPD “service,” so no cause-and-effect can be extrapolated.
    But the numbers did go down for the week.

  6. Primo Kimo says:

    Yea. first I don’t see the point in posting pics of arrestees. Second, I don’t see the point in posting pics of arrestees for a brief few hours only.

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