Where are you, compact discs?

Written by Burl on September 19th, 2009

“Where’s your classical section?” I asked the guy at Best Buy.
“Dude, we gots classical,” he replied, pointing at a compact disc rack I had passed by.
Closer inspection revealed Luciano Pavorotti singing “Italian Love Songs.” That was the classical. Damn. I have an itch for Beethovens 6th, the Pastorale.
Where the heck does one get a good selection of compact discs these days? Tower is gone, most “music” stores are recycled vinyl, and Borders outlets are few and far between. All that’s left are the big-box WalMart type outlets, and they learn toward hiphop. No thanks.
Oh, where am I? At the moment, Laramie, Wyoming. More later.


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  1. gigi-hawaii says:

    If I don’t buy my CDs from Borders in Pearlridge, then I buy them from Amazon.

  2. mutt says:

    Kathy, I don’t see “zori” in Burl’s post, but Zoris are a brand of what Hawaii folks call “rubbah slippahs” and what some on the mainland U.S. call “thongs.” They also make other types of sandals. “Zori” or “zoris” is used as a generic term for that type of footwear, kind of like saying Kleenex instead of “facial tissue.”

    Might that be what you’re referring to?

  3. mutt says:

    Now that I think about it, zori might have originally been a generic term that later became a brand name, rather than the other way around.

    I’m sure one of Burl’s astute readers can clear this up. I could look it up, but … eh.

  4. Burl says:

    Yeah, but no mo’ the local CD store?

    Zori — in Hawaii, call ‘em schlippah

    I think I referred to zori in a FaceBook post.


  5. Mutt says:

    What happened to Kathy’s comment, to which I was referring? No fair deleting to make me look crazy!

  6. Burl says:

    I dunno. The comments here are being overwhelmed by a spam flood by the Russians. Hundreds a day.

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