Labor Day Matinee: Sound of Music

Written by Burl on September 8th, 2009


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  1. gigi-hawaii says:

    Superb!!! Oh, Burl, this little bit of music has cheered me up tremendously. Thanks for the happy grin.

  2. gigi-hawaii says:

    Kimo, something is wrong with your link. The video keeps stopping and starting and stopping again.

  3. Burl says:

    Sometimes it helps to pause the playback and let it load completely first.

    Here’s a similar “spontaneous” dance breakout:

  4. mutt says:

    Mutt the big sap was crying by the end. I love stuff like that. I grew up wishing the world were like a musical, with strangers bursting into song and dancing in the streets, in restaurants and at horsetracks. But it’s kind of awkward when it’s only me.

  5. mutt says:

    I just watched it again … they’re doing the Macarena during the hip-hop break!

  6. Primo Kimo says:

    “Kimo, something is wrong with your link”
    no. it’s most of the time the universal dilemma;
    Loose nut at the end of the keyboard.

  7. Butch, Mary's cousin says:

    Great fun! Thanks.

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